CFO Cloud Consulting has an outstanding performance record with clients representing many industries. Our knowledge of Accounting Seed and Salesforce combined with years of CFO and managerial experience have proven invaluable to clients in addressing challenges faced in accounting and finance

Kathryn has been a great resource for our Accounting Seed customers that have the need for bookkeeping and reconciliation services. We have received much positive feedback about her quality of work and her level of detail.

R. Faulkingham | Senior Product Consultant

For our customers it has proved to be a valuable resource to be able to recommend Kathryn. She has a strong understanding of our application and extensive accounting knowledge. I will continue to recommend Kathryn based off of her knowledge and great customer service.

M. Gerwin | Accounting Systems Product Consultant

Anytime my customers need tailored training or hands-on assistance I always recommend Kathryn. She is very personable and truly listens to your needs to help you uncover more effective ways of running your back office. Her wealth of knowledge in accounting, finance, and how it works with Accounting Seed’s technology is definitely worth the investment!

A. Perez | Senior Account Executive

As an Accounting Seed Certified Partner, Kathryn has been an invaluable resource to not only our Clients, but other Partners, as well. Kathryn’s knowledge of our Product and extensive Accounting experience allow her to provide superior service. She provides detailed, hands-on training of our product and is passionate about ensuring that each of our clients fully understands and adopts Accounting Seed. Additionally, Kathryn is dedicated to understanding our clients’ business processes and requirements, so that she can then configure Accounting Seed to best work for their individual business needs. Kathryn has always conducted herself in a professional and courteous manner. Accounting Seed values this partnership and each of our clients truly enjoys working with her. We will continue to recommend CFO Cloud Consulting for future engagements.

E. Carter | Product Consultant

I am in awe at Kathryn’s indefatigable quest to balance the books, find the missing pennies or get Aging Records to match the Receivables GL Account. She works non-stop, day after day, until her client’s ask is done! She is the Wonder Woman of Accounting space!

S. Usmanov | Salesforce Developer

Kathryn is an excellent partner of Revenova for all of our Accounting Seed deployments. As a former CFO, a CPA, and certified in Salesforce and Accounting Seed, she combines many skill sets that our customers fine quite useful — not just how to use Accounting Seed, but how to take Accounting and Financial reporting to the next level of excellence. I whole heartedly recommend her.

Charles Craigmile | President and CEO

Kathryn has a unique skill set in that she is an Accounting Seed expert, a Salesforce expert and a great trainer due to her experience as a college professor. As a CPA, Kathryn is able to teach and train our customers on how to manage their accounting needs and reports. Kathryn brings a lot of value to our Revenova customers that have multi currency needs helping them achieve excellent results.

Jeff Parisi | Vice President of Sales

Kathryn has been an excellent partner adding unparalleled accounting and financial expertise when assisting our customers. Her knowledge of accounting platforms and practices coupled with her experience as a CFO and CPA provides endless value. You can see she has a true passion for accounting and finance

Kevin Coomes | Director of Sales

Kathryn’s knowledge of Salesforce and various accounting platforms, as well as her wisdom as a CPA and her experience as a CFO, all proved invaluable to our accounting team, making what seemed to be insurmountable quite conquerable. Kathryn’s detailed yet personable approach made it her training style comfortable for everyone. She also had the skillset to see potential issues, make suggestions and talk to our developers to insure our system was designed to do what we wanted and needed it to do. Kathryn brings a lot of value along with her services, which helped us achieve excellent results!

P. Adler | CFO, Corporate Controller

Kathryn has been the best thing that has happened to our implementation of Accounting Seed. Not only does she understand the program, but she is able to identify our needs and translate them in to our system.

A. Farahany | Managing Partner

Our experience with CFO Cloud Consulting, and specifically Kathryn Cantwell, has been nothing short of remarkable. Her approach, knowledge, and patience are what set her apart. Thanks to Kathryn our business is able to better manage our accounting system and process. She took the time to identify issues, answer problems, and mitigate future risk and never disappointed with timely responses to emails and phone calls.

If you are looking to organize your business, and create a strong foundation for the future, regardless of how long you have been in business, CFO Cloud Consulting and specifically Kathryn Cantwell are your answer.

I Lozano | Co-Founder& Executive Officer

For more than a dozen years, we have not had a need to present a balance sheet for external purposes. This changed in June 2021 when we started evaluating new credit card options requiring a serious look at our financials. Working with Kathryn reenergized me in what turned out to be a 60-day project as we cleaned up over 1,000 entries of errant data caused by a lack of training and some early systems and migration challenges! Over these past two months, Kathryn melted away all of my anxiety and I am very proud to say we now have financials that I will now be able to review at a moment’s notice. I so appreciated working with Kathryn and her incredible knowledge set with Accounting Seed. She is a powerhouse in the accounting world and very well respected at Accounting Seed as well. I unconditionally recommend Kathryn to any company looking for Accounting Seed and accounting expertise.

P Anderson | President

After experiencing a few issues at the beginning of our implementation of Accounting Seed with Salesforce, I reached out to Kathryn and CFO Cloud to help assist with training, implementation, and planning. Kathryn has been a star and valued resource to us. We plan to continue to work with her as our business grows. I would unequivocally recommend her.

C. Dolinick |Controller

I highly recommend Kathryn as an Accounting Seed consultant. She put our accounting staff and development team at ease during a complex implementation. Kathryn was able to quickly identify issues and break down complexities so that our team could understand the exact steps needed to resolve issues and ensure a timely cut over from QuickBooks to Accounting Seed. Her background as a CFO has been instrumental in asking the right questions, following best practices, and training our staff on using the Accounting Seed Platform. If you are implementing Accounting Seed, I highly recommend you give Kathryn a call.

George Grant |IT Director

Kathryn is a whizz with accounting and such a patient educator to the rest of us who aren’t. I never hesitate to entrust her with helping my clients whenever necessary!

K. Whitfield | Principal

We have used Kathryn for consulting services for our firm and she has shown great creativity and depth of knowledge in both accounting and Accounting Seed. Kathryn’s experience as a Chief Financial Officer has been invaluable in her consulting services. Kathryn has always out-performed our expectations.

V. Kamra | Director

Our start-up company invested significantly in and an integrated accounting application. After struggling for months to optimize our financial records, we called in Kathryn Cantwell and CFO Cloud Consulting. Kathryn was deeply knowledgeable and patient with our staff as we gained control of our financial strategy. We recommend her highly and without reservation.

M. Pilkington | President and CEO

When needing assistance learning and transitioning over to Accounting Seed from our current accounting program, we are so happy to have partnered with Kathryn at CFO Cloud Consulting. Her knowledge and training with the Accounting Seed application has made this transition a lot easier than we could have imagined. Kathryn was always able to answer our questions and provide awesome feedback to our company. Thanks, Kathryn for all your help!!

M Wooleyhand | Accounting Administrator

Kathryn’s knowledge and focus helped us find the confidence we needed to take on the challenge of migrating to Accounting Seed and Salesforce. We have peace of mind knowing she’s in our corner.

S Swain | Business Technology Manager

Kathryn has been a tremendous asset to our company.  We were unfamiliar with everything Accounting Seed could do and how it worked.  Kathryn was able to come in and fix some errors that we had made and then improve our processes so that they would not happen again.  She has been very easy to work with and I would recommend her and CFO Cloud Consulting to anyone.

B. King | President, CEO

Kathryn was brought in by an implementation partner to establish and supervise the accounting processes needed by my manufacturing company. We had a very positive experience and we have an ongoing business relationship with Kathryn.

S. Segal | President

Our company was introduced to Kathryn in early July.  Since then, she has become our GO-TO resource for any questions we have regarding Accounting Seed. We have found Kathryn to be professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful.  She responds quickly to our requests.  It is a pleasure to work with her.

M. Rubin | Vice President of Finance

I highly recommend Kathryn as an Accounting Seed consultant based on my first-hand experience. She put clients at ease and is able to break down complexities so that they understand the steps they need to take for a successful implementation. Her professional background as an educator and CFO have been instrumental in asking the right questions, following best practices and training the client the Accounting Seed Platform.

She is an amazing client liaison and a brand advocate for the Accounting Seed and Salesforce platforms.

D. Carbone | Director – Service Delivery

Kathryn and her team are AMAZING. My company decided to change accounting systems from QuickBooks to Accounting Seed back on mid-2018. When I was searching for the right consultant to help me, I knew Kathryn Cantwell was the perfect fit. She speaks the accounting and finance language, she is proficient in Accounting Seed, she is very patient with her clients, she does a fantastic job of teaching the ins and outs of the system, and most importantly…she has a “can-do” attitude and always comes to the table with solutions. I highly recommend CFO Cloud for any company looking for expertise in Accounting Seed implementations.

M. Holland | Finance Leader

Navigating and learning a new accounting system can be both frustrating and stressful. The ability to have a safety net (a.k.a.: Kathryn Cantwell, CFO Cloud Consulting) to ask questions, verify something is correct, or how to do something in Accounting Seed has been very helpful. Kathryn is knowledgeable about the system and accounting. It has been a big relief to easily be able to schedule an appointment to go over my questions. I highly recommend using Kathryn as your safety net.

C. Weatherly | Director of Finance & Human Resources

Kathryn has been an instrumental part of our business. Her expertise in Accounting Seed has helped us straighten out our books and correct mistakes that were made since we began using the Accounting Seed software. I would highly recommend Kathryn. She is very knowledgeable and pleasure to work with. I am glad she is part of our business and our go-to person for our accounting and Accounting Seed needs.

Sylwia Sierko | Sr. VP, Operations

It was a great experience working with Kathryn. I was at the beginning stages of my startup company and Kathryn helped me navigate the ins and outs of accounting best practice coupled with Accounting Seed software. Kathryn has a very high level of customer service, with great availability to solve problems quickly. Very good investment for us!

Stinson Dean | Owner

Our company decided to make the switch from QuickBooks to Accounting Seed about a month ago. Kathryn has been nothing but OUTSTANDING! She speaks accounting talk and normal human language, it’s a perfect mix! She is very informative and responds in a timely manner. I could not have done the transition without her. I highly recommend Kathryn Cantwell as your Go-To resource, she is definitely ours.

Kristi Nawrocki | Controller

Kathryn is absolutely fantastic with clients. She knows how to handle complex accounting scenarios and seamlessly integrates Salesforce and Accounting Seed!

B. Hasler | Chief Executive Officer

Kathryn is so very talented. Her ability to connect with her clients is phenomenal and she is always looking out for what’s best for the company. Kathryn’s skills and experience are what gives this company a great piece of mind. We could not have asked for a better person to work with. Her knowledge of Accounting Seed is just remarkable.

C. Joslin | Office Manager

In July of 2019, our company went live with Accounting Seed. We tried to navigate on our own for about 45 days, but quickly discovered that we needed some help. We brought Kathryn in to help us navigate this new world of Accounting Seed. Kathryn is helping to put us on the right track so that we can more efficiently use Accounting Seed. Kathryn is quickly becoming our new best friend. She is extremely knowledge about the system and her background in accounting assures us that we are using best accounting practices as we move forward with Accounting Seed.

T. Ouellette | Controller

Kathryn has been a great resource to work with on Accounting Seed for our implementation process. She has been knowledgeable about the product and has been quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had.

W. Bower | IT Director

CFO Cloud was easily the best part of our Salesforce implementation. From productive meetings to fast response times, we were always taken care of. It truly felt like a partnership – working together to achieve a common goal. That’s rare in a design-build implementation.

J Linehan|CFO

Kathryn has been invaluable in assisting with our transition to Accounting Seed. Her knowledge and expertise is obvious in the way she is able to guide novice users through the most difficult operations.

M. Phillips | Controller

Kathryn is a person that I can rely on to answer any questions related to Accounting Seed bugs/errors while I’m working on our company’s financials. She is always prompt in responding to emails and returning phone calls, and I never have to remind her or follow up with her.

K. Tran | Controller

Kathryn Cantwell has been a valuable resource for the implementation and customization of Accounting Seed for our business. She provides quick response time and outstanding service!

Audrey Schneider | Director of Finance

Kathryn identified shortcomings in our use of Accounting Seed and helped us with business processes and efficiencies. I highly recommend Kathryn for constructive training and implementation of Accounting Seed.

A Orozco | Bookkeeper

Kathryn is an angel

P Lawrence | President

Kathryn is a delight to work with. She always responds promptly and courteously.I am looking forward to growing my businesses with Kathryn as a valued partner.

R Taylor | President

You Rock!  So glad we “borrowed” your Accounting Seed brain.

P Rooney | Sr Accounting Specialist

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